Digital and Offset Printed Boxes

Products that retain their charm in their box. Digital and offset printed boxes specific to your brand.

What offset printing?

With offset printing, one of the most common printing techniques, you can apply your desired logo and other graphic designs on corrugated cardboard boxes and parcels.

     What is Offset Printing?

Offset printing, also called lithography, is the most common type of printing for high-volume commercial jobs. Have you ever seen videos of newspaper printers working with large rolls? This is the offset printing technique. Offset printing technology is a printing technique that uses plates, usually made of aluminum, to transfer the image to a roll mold and then roll this image onto a sheet of paper. In offset printing, ink is not transferred directly to the paper. Offset printing machines are no longer the machines that are used very much today. It is a type of printing used in many and specific products. The possibility of applying to different products and materials is not as wide as digital printing. It is a printing technique used for a large number of print jobs and limited products.


  • Print quality is high,
  • Printing is not limited to 4 colors. Depending on the sensitivity of the paper used, extra pressure can be applied to the same place,
  • All papers between 40 gr and 450 gr can be printed,
  • Print wastage is low,
  • Special applications such as Lacquer, Special Cut, Foil, Embossed, UV Lacquer, Numerator, Cellophane can be made.



What is Digital Printing?

Digital printing does not use plates the way offset printing does, but rather a printing technique that uses options such as toner (as in laser printers) or larger presses that use liquid ink. While digital printing was a printing technique that worked when lower quantities were required, today it has become a printing solution that combines many printing techniques with the development of technology. When each piece or material needs a unique logo, name or address, digital printing is the only way. Offset printing is not capable of meeting this need. For more information about digital printing options and features, you can request information and offers for Boran Reklam’s different printing solutions. While offset printing was a great way to produce great-looking printing projects in the past, today, thanks to digital printing, the printing design and technique available to customers seems endless.