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        Cut boxes are box types that require molds during production. Cut boxes are generally produced as a single wave, they are produced from E-Wave, B-Wave and C-Wave cardboards, respectively. They are produced at the request of our customers and on order. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to have cut boxes in our stock, because the use, purpose and dimensions of each customer’s cut boxes differ. Unfortunately, there is no limit or standard for this.

            Cut boxes appeal to different sectors such as pizza box, pita box, electronic parts box, chemical material box, medical equipment, perfume box, or book box, album box. Its use is limited to the imagination of our valued customers. it is not used in a sector, it is a box form suitable for use in almost every sector. For cut boxes, it is a little difficult to get a price without seeing the sample, so it is necessary to see the sample exactly, or it may be possible to give the box price after seeing the product to be placed and determining which type of box the customer wants according to him by showing the drawings. Knife drawings of the cut box are drawn after the box sample or the dimensions of the product to be included are taken. Therefore, each size and each model will have a separate knife drawing and knife pattern.

    Knife Drawing :

    Knife/Cutting Pattern:


    Cut Box Types