Privacy Statement

The issue of privacy and security of personal information is important as it is an essential part of the service offered by İtimat Kutu in the sector in which it operates, within the framework of its working principles and institutionalism.

İtimat Kutu summarizes the approach of the institutions it works with, consumers who use its products and services and/or see the results, towards all corporate and/or individual information shared with İtimat Kutu, with the following principles. Itimat Kutu cannot be held responsible for the costs and for all kinds of damages and expenses that third parties may incur. Website

There is no personal information obtained directly about you on the İtimat Kutu “Website” except for name, surname, contact and address information. In the technologies we use in order to determine which parts of the site our visitors show more interest and visit several times, no data is analyzed on a personal basis, only the information collected anonymously (anonymously / without identity) is evaluated for statistical purposes in order to provide better service to the site visitors.

The name, surname, contact and address information requested from the visitors on the site are not shared with third parties in any way, and are considered as a commercial commodity.

In all shipments to be made from, it is possible to unsubscribe from the recipient list or change your information at any time.

Working Principles, Confidentiality and Security of İtimat Kutu

Protection of personal data is extremely important for İtimat Kutu “Website”. That’s why we want you to know how we protect your personal privacy when you entrust your personal data to us. Itimat Kutu complies with all legal regulations regarding the protection of personal information data. Although all transactions related to personal data on the “Web site” are carried out in accordance with legal regulations, İtimat Kutu undertakes to use your personal data responsibly by providing the following information, ensuring that your personal data is always protected.

While you, our user, visit the İtimat Kutu web pages, you can act with peace and confidence within the scope of our commitments above.

Itimat Kutu uses technical and organizational security measures to prevent the deliberate or accidental use, loss, destruction or access by unauthorized persons of the personal data you share. Security measures are developed regularly and adapted to the conditions of the day.

All information shared on our corporate and/or personal “website” is treated as confidential, not shared with any natural or legal entity, and is not considered commercial commodity.

All customer information, consumer information, corporate documents and other potentially strategic information shared with us before or while working with İtimat Kutu will be kept confidential.

Itimat Kutu does not transfer data between any corporate database / database trade.

Itimat Kutu does the necessary work in order to reach the customer target audience correctly and to apply the Permission Marketing rules correctly in all their posts.

You always have the right to receive, correct and delete information regarding the processing and use of your personal data. You can also withdraw your consent at any time. You can visit the following page about your rights stated above: