Triplex Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Although the triplex box is known by different terms such as thick box, weighted box, pallet box, it is a triplex box because it consists of 3 grooves in correct use. It is an ideal product type for heavy industry. It has high carrying capacity.

(Triple Corrugated Box) What is Triplex Package?

    Triplex Box Types, which is a general name given to the boxes formed by using three layers of corrugated cardboard together, is a type of packaging that is generally used in the industrial sector with its solid structure and high strength strength, which is produced by placing three sheet grooves into four flat cardboards. This packaging option, also called Triplex Corrugated Cardboard Box, which is preferred especially by companies that will export their products, provides an environment for the unloading and lifting of heavier loads and safe transportation compared to conventional boxes, and export parcels that provide transfer capability to products weighing up to half a ton. It is at your disposal with the guarantee of İtimat Kutu in our equipped workshops.

Although the triplex box is named as thick box, weighted box, pallet box, its real name is triplex box because it consists of 3 layers of corrugation. It is ideal for transporting heavy industrial products such as iron and steel, bearings, machinery, engines. Its thickness can be up to 12 mm.

Some product groups require special sensitivity during transportation. If the product is heavy, we think that it cannot be transported in parcels and we consider different transportation methods. These methods also often strain our budgets. Our packaging type, Triplex Parcels, which we have created by combining 3 different full corrugated cardboards, is ideal for the transportation of heavy loads that require precision.

By using Triplex Boxes, you deliver your sensitive products to your customers without any deformation. Triplex Parcels are the economical way to transport heavy products.