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    How should the quality and interior products be placed in the Automotive Part Package?

    The sector that spreads to different areas with the highest sales in the world is the automotive sector. One of the other leading roles in the automotive sector is spare parts. In this case, one of the most important issues in the storage and logistics of spare parts is the box.
    One of the most important points in spare parts boxes is quality. The spare part should be chosen in a quality that will protect it against external factors.
    It has become common to protect spare parts boxes with offset-printed boxes. .
    BC wave and BCA wave corrugated cardboards are generally preferred in automotive parts boxes. Corrugated cardboard should be used in order to prevent damage from both the weight of the parts and external factors during the shipment of the parts.
    As İtimat Kutu, our solution partnership with the leading names of the automotive industry has been going on for 20 years. You can safely ship automotive spare parts with the principle of maintaining quality.

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