Warehouse Service

We offer the opportunity to keep the products in our warehouse in order to eliminate the problems that may occur in the storage of the ordered boxes and parcels.

Itimat Depo is a storage solution developed for businesses that have difficulty in keeping their boxes and parcels in their businesses.

We do not want to leave the companies that we are a parcel solution partner alone with the storage problems that they may experience in the bulk orders they will make. We offer free storage for up to two months for orders over 10 tons. We protect you from damages that may arise from your orders that are not properly stacked or stored in the right conditions.

For example, let’s say you need 10,000 boxes of 100x80x100 cm. In order to store these boxes in the best way, you should have a sufficient free space and this area should be an area isolated from deforming external factors. Itimat Kutu provides a healthy environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the packaged product have a carrier feature?

If it is stacked correctly, you can send it to the desired place.

2. Does the bottom package in the stack bear the weight of all the others?

If you use the right grade for the weight of the cardboard, it can carry easily if you stack it correctly (for example, overlapping each other).

3. Do you use pallets for storage? What sizes are you using?

Storage is done on pallets of 80×120 dimensions.

4. Do you review the correctness of the way you place it on the pallet?

We have bonding and palletizing methods according to the quality and size of the cardboard.

5. How do you keep the packages on the pallet together?

An intermediate link is used in three rows.