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     What are the Benefits of Packaging for Your Brand?

     Today, concepts such as brand, brand image, brand value and brand loyalty have become an important competitive element in increasing competition conditions.

            In the rapidly increasing competitive environment, innovations and R&D studies in products and services are increasing and this makes it inevitable for businesses to differentiate. However, it is extremely important for businesses to convey these differentiation and prominence policies to consumers in the best way and to gain an important place in the minds of customers. At this stage, concepts such as brand image, brand identity, brand personality and brand positioning come to the fore.

           According to Keegan and Green, a brand is defined as “a complex collection of images and experiences in the minds of customers”.

           A brand is a living and constantly changing concept that changes depending on the consumer profile as a result of certain change processes such as people. In this respect, every brand has its own unique identity and brand personality.

           Brand image, on the other hand, is defined by Randall as “the sum of the information obtained from the consumer’s experiences, hearings, advertisements, packaging, packaging, services about that brand, modified by selective perception, previous beliefs, social norms and forgetting”.

           In order to create a visual effect in products, packaging has come to a very important place today. Packaging, which is a communication tool for the product, should protect the product as well as being aesthetically pleasing and appealing to the consumer. The first thing to do in packaging design is to know how the brand is positioned. Secondly, factors such as consumer expectations and trends are handled through studies on product groups. In the third stage, the information of the competitors’ packaging is analyzed in every aspect. In the fourth stage, the characteristics of the packaging that will convey the brand’s quality and benefits to the consumer are determined.

    The most important function of the packaging is to protect the product inside. Boxes and parcels must be able to prevent the goods from being spoiled, crushed, flowed, and damaged by external factors. In addition, retailers who store, wholesale and sell it expect the goods to be stacked and shelved easily. The consumer wants the product to be easily recognized on the shelf, to contain information about its use and quality, and to be easily transported and used. In addition, attention should be paid to ensure that the packaging design, the strength of the parcel and the box form a whole for the brand. Thus, after a while, the packaging will become a symbol of that brand.

    Both the brand and the packaging should match the character of the product.