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    Why Itimat Kutu?


            In recent years, competition has increased considerably in the Corrugated Cardboard sector, as in every sector. As the İtimat Kutu family, we take care to develop our empathy skills. Then, from the customer’s point of view, when there are dozens of companies that produce parcels, who can accurately convey the answer to the question why should we work with İtimat Kutu?

           Itimat Kutu, which has been operating in parcel and packaging production in Bursa for 20 years, has taken important steps in becoming a solution partner to its customers rather than a supplier on this path that it started with the motto of “Protect Your Quality”. Itimat Kutu, which puts its customers at the company headquarters, has adopted the principle of adding value with an attractive image in corrugated cardboard and packaging products as well as value-oriented production.

           It follows a policy that never compromises its quality in competition in order not to lose its trust-oriented approach that it has established in the corrugated cardboard industry after many years. This principle of honesty, which is needed in parcels, boxes and corrugated cardboard, has expanded our company’s customer portfolio in a short time. Our company, which makes investments in the machinery park with the increase in its customer portfolio, meets the parcel, box and packaging needs of its customers mainly in Bursa and then all over Turkey with its fast production and price advantage. Itimat Kutu, which appeals to almost every sector from automotive to food, from textile to e-commerce, continues to serve with its wide product range.

           In organizations, each department is a part of the whole. The healthy communication established between the departments leads to the fastest response to the demands of our customers. Our company, which can establish solution-oriented departments that support each other instead of a structure that becomes cumbersome as it becomes institutionalized, provides a significant advantage in competition with these rapid returns.



    Here are just a few answers to the question Why Itimat Kutu. I hope I was able to express myself. Stay well…